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  • Neem Essential Toothpaste @ $5 Each
    Neem Essential Toothpaste @ $5 Each
  • Pure & Natural Crystal Deoderant @ $6 Each
    Pure & Natural Crystal Deoderant @ $6 Each

Neem Essential Toothpaste

Helps in Whitening teeth, remove stains, strengthens the enamel and protect gums. The best new essential five in one formula: Black seed, Baking Soda, Neem Leaves, Mint, and Clove. With powerful astringent and antibacterial  properties of neem. Has proven antibacterial and germacidal properties, natural protection for strong teeth and healthy gums with a fresh mint flavor.


Pure & Natural Crystal Deoderant Mist

Feel confident and fresh with 24 hour odor protection all naturally. This exclusive 8 oz formula is 100% natural, unscented, non-stainingand without any harsh chemicals, fragerance or alcohol. Convenient spray pump design is quick and easy to use. Made from natural minerals, salts, and purified water. Can also be sprated on feet for odor elimination.